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    I've been searching for a solution to a problem that I have to believe has been dealt with more than once in this forum, yet I'm coming up empty.

    Here is what I am doing.

    My layout consists of 2 primary divs - the Left Rail and Main Content

    PageX is accessible only to registered users who are logged in (using WebLoginPE)

    1. A user comes to the login page and either logs in or creates an account and then logs in

    2. After log in, the user is sent to PageX (&liHomeId=`509`)

    3. PageX relegates the WLPE snippet to the Left Rail

    4. A user who goes to PageX directly without being logged in gets an error page

    Very simple. And that't what the site is doing when a user follows the initial link.

    Here are the problems I'm trying to solve:

    1. If a user is already logged in and returns to the login page, they get the Welcome Back message with "View/Edit Profile" and "Log Out" buttons, but they are not taken to PageX, nor do they have anyway to navigate to it as it is not a link in any of the menus UNTIL you get to PageX

    - How can I push the user back to PageX?
    - Can I create a block of content that is hidden to unregistered users? This would be the ideal solution if I could. I don't see any way to limit Chunk access to certain groups. Maybe I need to create a snippet. I need to include the WLPE snippet in the Rail in order to provide access to the user profile and log out. Can a snippet reference another snippet?

    2. Going to an error page when trying to view unauthorized pages isn't useful to the end user.

    - Can I create page or container specific error pages?
    - If a user goes to PageX without authorization, can I redirect them to the create an account page rather than my default error page?

    Any suggestions/help is appreciated.