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    MOdx: Revo
    Linux server

    UHG,... I've been getting an error on my dropbox downloader (installed from package management)
    when I try to download a file. Its been working for a year but decided to go haywire on me.

    The Error is:
    Error: Cannot extract token! (form action=/login)

    With some research I've read that dropbox.com has upped their interface restrictions (security) on their getdropbox page.

    I've tried reinstalling the add-on with no effect. Also found fixes for the wordpress and jumla versions of the dropbox uploader but the php code doesn't correspond (not surprising). Does anyone have a fix for this?

    I guess I could use the original php and make into a chunk and call it but I was hoping that there was a better solution.

    Any clue as to fixing this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, RL [ed. note: Robot Love last edited this post 12 years ago.]
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      I just installed the snippet and am getting the same message. Any fix for this nearly 6 year old problem?