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  • Hello everybody,
    i have a big issue with LoginPE:
    i have this call
    [!WebLoginPE? &type=`register` &regType=`instant` &registerTpl=`Form-Registrazione` &groups=`QualityTime` &liHomeId=`1` &regSuccessId=`1` &customFields=`regione,provincia` &regRequired=`email,username,fullname,password,regione`!]

    the registration step is ok, the user is saved in database, but when the user is logged-in, the placeholder like this [+user.fullname+] don't work... i have placed this placeholder in my home page template for display a customised message to user that is logged...

    Any help is very helpfull
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    • Use this in a snippet to get the user's full name:

      $full_name  = $_SESSION['webFullname'];
      return $full_name;

      Or this in a snippet to get the username:

      $short_name  = $_SESSION['webShortname'];
      return $short_name;