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  • I have a plug-in script running in Revo 2.0.8 that modifies the document output. It is attached to the OnWebPagePrerender system event. The script works fine but the identical script with Revo 2.2.0 pl2 does not affect the output.

    I tried a simple script on both systems and got the same result, it works on 2.0.8 but not 2.2:
    $modx->documentOutput=$modx->documentOutput . 'test';

    On 2.2 I replaced the script with a call to write to the error log. That worked. So the plug-in is firing.

    Is there a new restriction on modifying document output with 2.2?
    • I can confirm this. It works on 'OnParseDocument' but not on 'OnWebPagePrerender'. Actually, the $modx->documentOutput was simply empty on OnWebPagePrerender as I remember.
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      • Try this:

        $output =& $modx->resource->_output
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        • Excellent, thanks Bob. To use my previous example this is how it would work:
          $modx->resource->_output = $modx->resource->_output . 'test';