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  • Revolution 2.2 Nears Public Launch with Release Candidate 3 and a Fix for Timezone Issue

    An issue related to timezone settings found it's way into the 2.2 RC2 and therefore we are releasing RC3 to allow people to test and work with Revolution 2.2. We're getting very close to the PL or Public Launch release after the new year, therefore, there were just a few other minor fixes with this release which you can see in the changelog below. If you're testing on RC2 we'd recommend upgrading your install or testing with RC3.

    As we mentioned for the release of RC1, MODX Revolution 2.2 has shaped up to be one of the biggest releases yet. We've spent a tremendous amount of time working to refine the manager and administration interface to make Revolution a pleasure to use in both aesthetics and performance. Many of you have shared your positive feedback at the changes and even more people are embracing Revo as a result.

    RC2 brought more than 50 fixes since RC1 thanks to all of you who have helped by testing and reporting issue; this will make Revolution 2.2 rock solid. Please continue to test, play and report issues.

    With RC2 we also snuck in a new feature: the import/export of Access Policies and Policy Templates for site builders and administrators. This means you'll be able to set them up once and reuse policies on other sites and projects. Additionally, you'll be able to share them with other MODXers.

    2.2 also delivers a number of major new features: Media Sources unlock the possibilities of where you can store your site files to include Amazon® S3 or potentially something like Dropbox® (development required); Static Elements enables developers to store site elements on the filesystem; and Custom Resource Classes allow developers to move beyond one-size-fits-all documents and create custom classes such as blog posts, events, biographies tailored to the content type.

    Making Revolution 2.2 even more compelling is the creation of a powerful new blogging, news and publishing add-on called Articles. If you've felt setting up a news site or blog took too long, Articles in Revolution 2.2 will make you ditch your old stand-by blog tools. Articles has built in importers to enable you to import WordPress, Blogger and other MODX blogs with more importers coming soon. Take a look at Articles or try it out in MODX Revolution 2.2 RC3.

    Test and Prepare
    This is a Release Candidate and therefore should not be considered safe for upgrade on production servers without thorough testing in a development or test environment. We strongly encourage testing to make sure sites and custom Snippets prior to the production release.

    Highlights of what's new in 2.2:

    • Media Sources: You're no longer restricted to your local server. Media Sources allow you to connect your File tree to anything - a separate directory, Amazon S3 bucket, and more

    • Static Elements: Store all Elements (Chunks/Snippets/Templates/etc) on the file system or elsewhere, allowing you to edit them wherever you please

    • Custom Dashboards: arrange and specify a custom welcome page in the manager, as well as create and get new dashboard widgets

    • Major User Interface (UI) Improvements including a much cleaner look and feel and much faster load times
    • Script or command line based installation and upgrades for folks who really want to get their geek on.

    • Many under-the-hood improvements to manager making it easier and a better experience for developers to extend.
    • Added ability to develop Custom Resource Types-no longer just the default resource types you can have resources specifically based on purpose such as a blog post type, gallery type, forum type, events and more

    • Added search to enable you to quickly locate any documents by keyword—right from the top the Resources Tree, no more scanning and hunting for those old articles.
    • Improved parser efficiency and execution, added over 600 Unit Tests, other core optimizations
    • Over 200 issues resolved, tons more bugs fixed

    Highlights of what's new in Release Candidate 3
    [li]Fix critical timezone issue[/li]
    [li]Ensure hideFiles property works for the files tree[/li]
    [li]Fix additional minify issues[/li]
    [li]Prevent TVs tab from showing in Resources if the only TVs are of type "hidden"[/li]

    Translators can feel free to submit a translation via either attaching it to this ticket:

    or by sending a Pull Request to the 'release-2.2' branch on the MODX Revolution GitHub account.

    As with all release candidates we need you to please report any and all issues and bugs. Make sure you read the documentation, post feedback and successes in the MODX Community forums.

    If you want to get involved in helping ready Revolution 2.2 for the PL (Public Launch) release, please ask in the forums.

    The MODX Team

    Changelog/Release Notes:
    MODX Revolution 2.2.0-rc-3 (December 22, 2011)
    - [#6247] Fix additional minify issues with CMP controllers in MODX_ASSETS_PATH
    - [#6428] Fix improperly designated tooltip and UI for create namespace window
    - Fix various regression issues with rename/delete files/directories in the Files tree
    - Ensure hideFiles property works for the files tree
    - [#6383] Add index.php to minify paths
    - Prevent TVs tab from showing in Resources if the only TVs are of type "hidden"
    - [#6413] Fix missing date_timezone setting description
    - [#6297] Prevent invalid characters in property set names
    - [#5997] Fix issue where components dirs were being created in assets with non-standard assets directory paths
    - Fix issue where resource ID was not being passed to FC rule checks
    - [#6417] Fix issue with modResource class_key being incorrectly set
    - Adjust modResponse contentType loading to allow overriding in custom resource classes
    - Fix critical timezone issue introduced for [#6077]
    MODX Revolution 2.2.0-rc-2 (December 16, 2011)
    - [#3033] Add method to reload Context data in same request
    - [#6372] Add explicit resource_duplicate permission for duplicating a resource
    - [#6364] Fix incorrect lexicon reference in package versions grid
    - [#6365] Add manager_login_url_alternate setting which allows for setting a custom manager login URL
    - [#6077] Override PHP default timezone via System/Context Settings
    - [#5709] Fix issue where drag/drop in left trees did not work when package management was open
    - [#6153] Prevent enter key from sending Message when typing in messages page
    - [#6349] Properties can now belong to areas, and are grouped in grid by area
    - [#6344] Fix various pathing issues when drag/dropping files into content
    - [#5941] Add anonymous Load Only ACL when creating contexts
    - [#6247] Fix minify issues outside of $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']
    - Improve skipFiles attribute for file media sources to allow MODX tags and hiding directories
    - [#6336] Fix error when updating property via window in media source properties grid
    - Fix various issues with permissions and ACLs on Media Sources
    - [#6306] Fix issue with close button always prompting changes made when changes may not have been made
    - [#6317] Fix issue with combo editor rendering in grids
    - [#6307] Save button now properly resets to disabled after save
    - [#6313] Fix issue with renaming content field label on derivative resource types
    - [#6084] Fix upgrade from 2.0.x releases
    - Add OnManagerPageBeforeRender and OnManagerPageAfterRender events
    - [#6207] Prevent overwriting static element file content when changing a static source
    - [#6255] Escape html tags in readme, license and changelog files for downloaded Packages
    - [#6096] Fix more issues with Resource reloading after changing a template by making the Resource Access grid local
    - [#5418] Add ability to export/import Access Policies
    - Add ability to import/export Policy Templates, as well as a base export/import processor class
    - [#6242] Actions on regular Resources break with Custom Resource Class extended fields
    - [#6096] Fix issue where reload token in Resource create would not allow save after validation
    - [#6238] Fix rendering issue when opening multiple quick create resource windows at once
    - Fix various issues with TV input and output renders by properly objectifying them into base abstract classes
    - [#5763] Allow for 3rd-level deep category nesting
    - [#6215] Fix issues with derivative resources and non-standard manager themes
    - [#6237] Add ability to sort users by active status in mgr grid
    - [#6197] Refresh old and new context caches when moving Resource
    - Update to xPDO 2.2.1-pl
    - [#6080] Fix revert to default properties on Source Properties grid
    - [#6204] Fix issue where multiple languages could not be loaded per page in the lexicon
    - [#6196] Ensure that MODx.Browser view updates when changing a media source from dropdown in tree
    - [#6198] Fix issue with saving user groups on a new user that caused duplicate role saving
    - [#6159] Implement OnBeforeUserActivate, OnUserActivate, OnBeforeUserDeactivate, and OnUserDeactivate events
    - [#6063] Add extra settings and checks to allow for better handling of manager CSS/JS minification on servers that do not allow DOCUMENT_ROOT access
    - [#6147] Fix element processors not firing proper events and passing wrong variables to plugins.
    - [#6060] Fix issue where resources were getting class_key of modResource rather than modDocument
    - [#6030] Fix issue where alt attribute was duplicated on image output renders
    - [#6122] Clarify text for removing a dashboard widget from a dashboard
    - [#6124] Fix issue where element associations of various elements were not saved in respective create processors
    - [#6145] Allow sorting of plugin events by enabled flag
    - [#6065] Fix issue with missing paths in certain environments for new installs in setup
    - Fix provider select window width in Chrome/Windows
    - [#6081] Fix issue in modFileMediaSource that prevented source properties from being read in certain processors
    - [#5141] Remove dependency for navbar.tpl in manager templates
    - [#5760] Fix memberof filter if user is not logged in
    - [#6090] Fix issue with removing Content Types in 2.2-rc1
    - [#6088] Fix issue with :date output filter and umlauts
    - [#6093] Make for easier translations of Element context menu items
    - [#6099] Fix incorrect index name for modWorkspace
    MODX Revolution 2.2.0-rc-1 (November 17, 2011)
    - [#6019] Configure log_level, log_target, and debug via Settings
    - [#4798] Resource create/edit: Template can be switched without saving
    - Update to xPDO 2.2.0-pl
    - [#6039] Fix issue where Resources could be improperly dropped into the right tree in the Resource Groups screen
    - [#5715] Fix issue with resetting of header in Element panels
    - [#6025] Fix issue with renaming checkbox fields via Form Customization
    - [#5697] Fix issue with allow_multiple_emails in user creation
    - [#121] Add option for Elements to pre-process default property/property set values
    - [#6017],[#2774] Add more Permissions to Administrator policy for managing security functions
    - [#5064] Fix issue where access_permissions Permission was required for creating new users
    - Improve Package Management UI
    - Add modManagerController::addLexiconTopic for easier adding of lexicon topics dynamically within mgr controllers and dashboard widgets
    - [#6009] Add ability to hide left-hand trees when rendering a Dashboard
    - [#6007] Stop upgrade from overwriting session_cookie_path system setting
    - [#5998] Add "Create File" option for stream-based media sources
    - [#4794] Add custom Permissions for restricting creation of core derivative Resource Types
    - [#4958] Add Resource ID to node of Resource in Resource Groups tree
    - [#5434] Change manager page title to use site_name as prefix instead of MODX
    - [#4875] Add ability to download file from Files tree
    - [#5997] Fix issue where in advanced installs with moved web path, assets directory is improperly created
    - [#5990] Fix issue where content types were not listable in Resource dropdowns
    - [#232] Enable option to render target URL for WebLinks
    - [#5963] Fix issue with Static Elements and their Source being None
    - [#5936] Fix issue where Quick Update Resource was too high on smaller screens
    - Fix issue with phpThumb and zoom crop
    - [#5983] Fix adding/updating a provider window duplicating "username" field.[#5948] Ensure that menu item for Change Profile is added on build
    - [#5985] Fix updating a provider not showing username
    - [#5978] [ReUp] [#5978] Fix missing fields/tabs in actions XML causing issues with form customization on resource/create
    - [#5938] Optimize modResource->getTVValue() using parser source cache when available
    - [#5973] Prevent empty user groups being loaded for anonymous users
    - [#5962] Fix phptype in modContextResource.resource field definition
    - [#5050], [#5366], [#5781] Various xPDO Database Caching Fixes (xPDO 2.2.0-rc2)
    - [#4830] Prevent removal of Content Types that are in use
    - [#5293] Prevent drag/drop from Resource Group tree to Resource tree in Resource Group page
    - [#4433] Validate paths in setup for trailing slash
    - [#564], [#4506] Make Workspace path portable by allowing path setting replacements
    - [#5086] Fix issues with Package Management when open_basedir is in effect
    - [#4947] Adjust ensuring of admin access to context to only needed policies
    - [#5078] Have default resource field context settings, such as default_template, respected in Quick create
    - [#5909] Allow blank extensions in Add Content Type window
    - [#5931] Fix code that prevents easy renaming of assets directory with package management
    - [#5841] Properly color active state for tabs in mgr ui
    - [#3287] Fix issue with dob User field in editing panel in mgr
    - [#5060], [#5043] Fix issue with openTo and TVs for MODx.Browser
    - [#3396] Allow MODX_API_MODE in mgr context
    - [#4230] Add ODF and OOXML to default uploadable file types setting
    - [#5315] Use automatic_alias behavior when updating site_start regardless of setting
    - [#3535] Fix issue with tree_default_sort not being respected on the resource tree
    - [#5892] Add for default_media_source setting for specifying the default media source for a site
    - [#5896] Make console window always closable
    - [#5757] Allow text in grids to be selectable
    - [#5471] Add publishing options to Duplicate Resource window
    - [#5879] Ensure html tags are stripped on titles in the Resource edit view
    - [#5855] Ensure if no parents are specified, resourcelist input option works as expected
    - [#5852] Fix issue where input options are wiped on quick update TV
    - Add showNone option to source/getlist processor
    - [#5619] Enable modElements to store content in external files
    - [#5856] Implement ability for derivative Resource types to have their own translatable name
    - [#4726] Implement server-side state provider for modExt to fix size problems with cookies
    - [#5860] Fix FC SQL error when user is in no groups
    - [#5843] Add required asterisk to required Element fields
    - [#5723] Add Media Source tab to User Group Access screen
    - Change "Cancel" references to "Close" for clarity
    - [#4566] Fix online users manager dashboard widget grid
    - [#5809] Change "Remove" to "Delete" where appropriate to clarify language
    - Refactor processors to be class-based
    - [#90] 301 Redirect id method requests when request_method_strict is not enabled
    - [#90], [#5676] Improvements to strict routing with friendly_urls
    - [#5323] Add system events for moving Resources in and out of Resource Groups
    - [#4610] Add locale system setting for setting locale in MODX
    - Add HTML5 local caching as a toggleable option for manager ui
    - [#5788] Fix content not output to browser until after shutdown function
    - [#5777] Fix validation of TV names against Resource field names
    - Add ability to install and upgrade MODX from command line
    - [#5745] Ensure all core passwords are not transmitted through MODx.config JS array
    - [#4304] Add default_content_type Setting for setting the default Content Type for Resources
    - [#2735] Ensure menu permissions are checked for mgr action if action has menu associated
    - [#4606] Clarify connectors language in setup
    - [#5561] Add search toolbar to packages grid
    - [#5587] Fix issue with dashboard widgets and caching
    - [#5453] Add ability to disable forgot password on manager login screen
    - Add batch remove to Namespaces grid
    - [#5671] Add :toPlaceholder, :cssToHead, :htmlToHead, :htmlToBottom, :jsToHead, :jsToBottom output filters
    - Add delete user button to user editing page toolbar
    - [#5542] Add ability to drag/drop files and folders in the Files tab
    - [#5665] Remove console.log debug references in JS
    - Add Media Sources, which allow abstraction of file management in MODX
    - [#2737] Centralize logic for changing Context of modResource Children
    - [#5068] Move token check for new resources below error validation in processor to prevent bogus duplicate resource issue
    - [#4945] Remove weblink content maxlength restriction
    - [#5270] Enable container drag 'n drop in Extended Fields tree
    - [#4790] Add support for comment tag token, e.g. [[- comments here]]
    - [#5539] Add back in compress_css/js for allowing toggling of js/css compression in manager
    - [#5556] Enable connection pooling with master/slave support
    - [#5499] Ensure modFile create returns boolean
    - [#5501] Add sanity checks on FC rules renameTab and hideField
    - [#5505] Fix issue with dropdowns in Fx5
    - Enable modTag elements to accept property sets
    - Enable modElement->getPropertySet() to merge @propertyset in name with property set specified in setName parameter
    - Allow modParser->getElement() method to accept @propertySet in name parameter
    - Prevent modParser->parsePropertyString() from trimming all backticks at beginning and end of string
    - Improve parser efficiency by returning results of nested tags if elementOutput is null|false
    - [#5392] Fix bug where policy template descriptions were not translated
    - [#5377] Fix modParser->isProcessingTag() bug preventing filtering on placeholder tags
    - Pass content by reference to OnParseDocument event
    - Add message_key and json message_format option to system/registry/register/send processor
    - Allow raw messages to be returned from system/registry/register/read processor
    - Add include_keys option to modRegister implementations
    - [#5336] Prefix non-core actions in the MODx.action JS object with their namespace
    - Avoid setting description to null in element/propertyset/create processor
    - Improve modX->logManagerAction to avoid attempts to insert NULL values
    - Accept null options in modHashing->__construct()
    - [#4607], [#3463] Add rank field for contexts to allow custom sorting in tree, fix issues with context/resource dragging and dropping and ensure context name validation rules are consistent
    - Improve UI of User's groups to allow for assigning ranks to User Groups for a User
    - Add Custom Dashboards and Dashboard Widgets
    - [#4871] Fix Access Permissions not being copied when duplicating a context
    - [#4382] Forgot Manager Password now lookups using username to prevent issues when the 'allow_multiple_emails' system setting is enabled
    - Fix rendering of combo boxes in element properties
    - Add ability to select Primary User Group for User
    - [#4637] Fix RTE checkbox not saving correctly when using Quick Create Resource
    - [#5268] Add search toolbar for Resource tree
    - [#4080] Add Content Type and Content Disposition to Quick Create/Update Resource
    - [#5250] Add check for cURL in Package Management
    - [#5204] Add search by parent to mgr search page
    - Added much better handling for custom resource classes; deprecated custom_resource_classes setting
    - [#4601] Ensure children of protected Resources inherit by default their parent's Resource Groups in create UI
    - [#4016] Update description text in grid when adding/updating element properties without need for page reload
    - [#2860] Fix 'Sent On' date when viewing an expanded message
    - [#4984] Ensure tree highlighting of currently edited resource/element/file works consistently
    - [#2638] When updating an element's category, ensure old treenode is removed
    - [#5139] Fix issues with MODx.Browser and file/image TVs in other contexts
    - [#4958] Add IDs to Resource Groups in RG tree
    - Add ability to rename Resource Groups
    - [#5185] Improve core package already extracted validation for upgrades
    - Update xPDO and regenerate schema to get new maps of derivative classes
    - [#5195] Change TV value fields from TEXT to MEDIUMTEXT (mysql)
    - [#5141] Add ability to override specific controllers/templates in a custom manager theme w/ fallback to default
    - Add modResource::getControllerPath method for better abstraction of derivative resource types
    - Add show_in_tree and hide_children_in_tree fields to modResource for better support with custom Resource types
    - Abstract all manager controllers to classes to improve usability, testing and creation of controllers

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