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  • Can't get this working. I get a 404 on this:
    <link href="[[SmartOptimizer? &files=`assets/css/delta.css`]]" rel="stylesheet" />

    which becomes:
    <link href="assets/components/smartoptimizer/connector.php?assets%2Fcss%2Fdelta.css" rel="stylesheet" />

    The URL is correct, so why would I get 404? Also, I enabled the 'debug' setting but I don't see any errors (or even know where to look).
    • Do you get a 404 on assets/components/smartoptimizer/connector.php ?

      You can see errors on assets/components/smartoptimizer/connector.php?assets%2Fcss%2Fdelta.css.
      • Thanks for replying Ben. Yes I get a 404 on the php file, but I just tried something different:

        [hosting provider]/~[user]/new/assets/components/smartoptimizer/connector.php

        which returns 500 Internal Server Error AND "Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request." So 500 is maybe the real error, and the 404 is because I'm working on a separate installation of MODX in a subdirectory (/new) where the 404 document doesn't exist yet (so it's a 404 on the 404 document!).

        So to clarify, the original actually had the /new/ at the beginning of it, but I didn't think that had anything to do with the problem... but maybe it does? Still don't know how to solve this one.
        • Did you try to disable .htaccess in assets/components/smartoptimizer/ directory ?
          • No, I didn't touch any .htaccess files.
            • :D Try to comment .htaccess instructions. Maybe your server doesn't allow php configuration via .htaccess.
              • Thank you, that solved the problem! Do those settings need to be made a different way since I commented them out in .htaccess?
                • OK, the browser (Firefox) is not caching the CSS coming from SmartOptimizer -- it returns 200 every time instead of 304.
                  • Is this issue (Firefox not caching css) confirmed?

                    And Ben - will you be in Utrecht?
                    • I didn't have time yet to investigate about the http code returned (by the way, thank you, MrFussyfont, for the bug report !).

                      And no, I won't be present to MODxpo. The schedule seems great but I'll be pretty busy in next weeks.