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    I have a user with a File Manager Path setting set to assets/
    It means that my client cannot see sensitive directories such as core, connectors, manager etc when browsing for an image via TinyMCE.

    This is what I want.

    However, when they are adding an image to a resource via TinyMCE, the image path appears as
    This is an incorrect path and leads to a broken image when the path should be

    I have a feeling that I need to create an adittional System Setting for this particular user but am unsure as to how to proceed.

    Can anyone help? Thanks.
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      I had the same issue. I'm using Revo 2.1.3 I spent an entire day researching forums and playing with settings. I couldn't have my not so web savvy users accessing root folders such as .htaccess to upload a picture. Finally got it figured out. Again I'm not saying this is the best way however, it works for me and it's secure for the average user.

      1. First of all what I did was setup the path for the individual user. I read through some bugs and my interpretation was that was the recommendation http://bugs.modx.com/issues/4340

      To do this simply navigate to >Security>Users>(right-click the user to update) Update User>Settings Tab>Create New....a pop up window will appear called Update Setting with the following fields:

      Key: filemanager_path ( type in filemanager_path...what this allows you to do is configure a different setting at the user level as opposed to the global setting of filemanager_path. Basically you can still access root folder as admin but this user's start folder is where you say.)
      Name: setting_filemanager_path (I don't think this matters...you can call it what you want I think)
      Fieldtype: Textfield I left it as default textfield
      Namespace: Core Again this is the default
      Area Lexicon Entry: (I left blank)
      Value: assets/media/images or thefolder you want your user to access (This is the main config...should probably be under assets folder and NOT core due to how Modx treats assets folder in regards to upgrades etc. oh BTW make sure folder is created and exists)
      Description: setting_filemanager_path_desc (Again I don't think this matters and it looks like system put in for me)

      Now I would recommend uploading a test image in admin to that new folder so you know you're in the correct folder when you login to test as that user. When you login and navigate to the folder you can't see higher directories (depending on setting....OH and make sure that this user is enabled to view, upload etc files to folders...I had to modify my content editor settings under Security>Access policies to enable file_view, file_upload, file_update, file_list, file_manager...assuming the user is in the Content Editor group.

      2. Next go to System Settings>File System (core)

      - I left filemanager_path blank and that allows admins (me) to still view all folders starting at root level.
      - Is file manager path relative (Yes)
      - File manager URL I made this the same as the previous configuration path for the individual user above in my case assets/media/images/ (including ending backslash)
      - Is file manager URL relative (Yes)

      3. Now change Core filter to TinyMCE so you can adjust the TinyMCE settings. Scroll to the bottom group of settings change TinyMCE document base URL to the appropriate url again for me it was assets/media/images/

      Path Options I ensured it was blank. I did read various methods and most said change this however for me, what seemed to work was leaving it blank.

      Again clear site cache, flush sessions (it will log you out automatically) login as your user to test and that hopefully should work for you.

      I followed various instructions and nothing worked, deleting Tinymce, reinstalling, changing path options etc. I had to do it on an individual basis.

      I hope this can help someone else...no guarantees as every site's config is different but hopefully for those who tried everything else and failed this works.

      PS Feel free to correct or amend my recommendations.
      PSS I just got Bob Ray's book and that actually helped me understand how things worked a little better and led to my solution. It's a little early to say, but seems to be a pretty good book and well worth the $60. (no I don't get commission).

      Good luck
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