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    Hi, I am using the WebLoginPE snippet to handle front end user registration and account amangement. The snippet makes use of two tables which are readily present in the abse install of modx, specificaly the 'web_user_attributes' and 'web_user_attributes_extended' tables.

    Now my issue is this:

    In the modx if you go to Security->Web Users you can see the users that are registered in these tables, however any value or field that is set in the 'web_user_attributes_extended' does not show up here.

    So say i am adding an address in 3 fields (street,city,postcode). These are not present in the 'web_user_attributes' table and so i am adding them into the 'web_user_attributes_extended'.

    Although everything works perfectly fine for the end user, these values do not show up in the Security->Web Users and are therefore un-viewable/un-editable by the site admin.

    How can i get all fields in the 'web_user_attributes_extended' table to show up in the backend when you click on a particular web user.

    I'm sure there must be some sort of solution for this..

    Thank you
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      i have the same problem...
      no one has the solution?
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