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  • I have been brainstorming ideas of maybe finding ways to host a Texas MODx Conference, like Texas MODX Summit, or MODXworld, MODXdown, MODxpo, MODxaspo - whatever you may call it in 2012 - maybe a 1-2 day event filled with workshops, training, something like that. Since Houston had a nice 30+ at their meetup, and then you look into adding Austin, Dallas/Ft. Worth into the Mix plus a few around the driving areas - question would be how many would potentially be interested? I figured we could potentially get about 50 folks for this event or maybe more? Just a brainstorming kind of thing - nothing definite - just tossing in ideas - since it has been a while since we had a MODxpo - so would love to bring some LOVE back into the MODX world now that Revo is up to full speed! I had thought of a one day conference like on a Saturday but some has expressed that maybe 1 day might not be enough? maybe 2 days? Fri/Sat?

    Thoughts and inputs would greatly be appreciated - I would be happy to look into this if we have enough interest.

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    • I'm not from Texas... but I'm in! I've done quite a few events (conferences and camps) mainly aimed at youth, so I'd be happy to help with arranging things!

      It seems like (from my experience) you almost need 2 days to accomplish much of anything.. The first day is always spent socializing, and getting settled in to hotels etc... but maybe this wouldn't be so much the case if the majority of the participants were local.

      Anyhow, I'll keep an eye on this to see what others think.. Sounds great to me though!
      • It would really be fantastic if you could also have it live; I "attended" a quilting conference session once where they did that; they were surprised and pleased to be getting comments and questions from Israel.
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        • I would say aim for three days personally. MODxpo was two packed days of sessions and other entertainment. The socializing was generally lunch and after sessions, a few of us talking during breakfast.

          I would love to fly in for another MODxpo if time (/budget) permitted it.
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          • Excellent - but I would also like to make this as budget conscious as I can for people to attend. And @sottwell I'll look into that feature as well - I have done some "Live" during the Houston Meet-ups even though it wasn't all that great but will look into finding ways to make it better. Guess I will have to start looking into this and hunting around and get an idea of cost and all that and of course see the core team schedule availability - if not all but at least some of them.
              Billy Koch
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            • 3 days might conflict with those in the corporate/agency world. I could definitely justify and end-of-the-week (Thurs/Friday) conference to send our team.

              Locations: Houston Technology Center (expensive), Caroline (if it makes sense logistically & space), Hotel Zaza (I just finished a conference there for IS Conference).
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              • If it is done - maybe a Fri/Sat event this way people can arrive on Thursday evening and then do the event Fri/Sat then go home Sat night if they want. Hotel ZaZa - Methodist uses them quite a bit as well - will need to tag up with them. Caroline - I don't think they would have a resource if so to utilize them. I'm hoping to see more than 50 peeps at this if not more - and Caroline would a bit too crowded.

                  Billy Koch
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                • Definitely see if you can work with the MODX folks on this. There are plans though I have no idea on specifics / progress there.

                  We're aiming for 50 folks with the next Dutch MODX Meetup - surely you can get more than that near MODX HQ tongue
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                  • I'd love to see an event in TX at the end of April or possibly very early May. smiley
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