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  • Hello,

    this is pretty much what I'm trying to do:
    But, well, just with Gallery, not MaxiGallery.

    So everything works perfect, I do have the thumbs and the gallery pictures at the very same page. Here's how it looks like:

    But all I want to do is to pre-load the first (or indeed, any) of the small images so that when you click on the link to the page, you won't find a blank space insead of the first image. Simply initiate one of the images without having to click on a thumb first.
    (I think this should be pretty straight-forward, but I just can't find anything pointing me into the right direction; isn't there just a simple parameter to solve this?)

    Here's the call:
    <table style="width: 950px;" border="0">
    <td rowspan="2" style="width: 600px;">
    <div class="image">
    <img class="[[+galitem.imgCls]]" src="[[+galitem.image]]" alt="[[+galitem.name]]" />
    <td style="margin-left: 350px; padding: 5px;" valign="top">
      <span>[[*longtitle]]</span><br />
    <p><br />
      <td style="margin-left: 350px; padding: 5px;" valign="bottom">
      [[!Gallery? &album=`1` &toPlaceholder=`gallery`]]
    <!-- <h1><a href="[[~[[*id]] &galAlbum=`[[+gallery.id]]`]]">[[+gallery.name]]</a></h1>

    Thanks for any help guys!
    • sorry to post again, but does really nobody know a solution to this problem?

      kinda urgent on this end, this issue is the last thing that keeps the site from going online ...
      • There is a JS solution:

        <SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
              preload_image = new Image(25,25); 

        And a non JS solution:

        in your CSS file:

        div#preload { display: none; }

        At the bottom of the page:

        <div id="preload">
           <img src="http://domain.tld/image-01.png" width="1" height="1" alt="Image 01" />
           <img src="http://domain.tld/image-02.png" width="1" height="1" alt="Image 02" />
           <img src="http://domain.tld/image-03.png" width="1" height="1" alt="Image 03" />
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        • Have you found a solution for displaying the first item of the album? I'm having the same problem and can only display one photo by entering the exact ID. with the code:

          [[!GalleryItem? &id=`1`]]

          • same here. was wondering if it could write the id dynamic by reading the current album and returning the id of the first image. that would make-it cover image.
            I'm not good yet with php coding so i can't yet design the code for-it, but i believe it should be possible
            • Hi this solution works:

              But I'm having problems with Gallery item IDs over 100, for some reason it stops pulling in the first image when it gets over 100, can anyone help fix this at all?
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