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  • I tried duplicating a resource (that is a container) and it only duplicated the container and not the pages (resources) within the container.

    I remember in previous MODX versions, all of the child pages where duplicated. Did I miss something. How do I duplicated all the Container Resources. I want to then drag it to a different context.

    Thanks In Advance,

      Jason Buck
    • First, previous MODX versions to what version?

      Second, I can certainly duplicate a Container and the dialog offers a simple checkbox (checked by default) to allow me to decide if I want to duplicate the children as well. Is this not happening when you duplicate a Resource with children? No errors in the error.log?
      • Sorry, previous version I made mention to was MODX Evolution 1.0.x . I am running a different site in that version.

        I am not getting the Dialog box to select any child resources (see attached images)

        Trying to copy the Schedule container.

        My current version of MODX is 2.1.1-pl
        My PHP is 5.3.6
        MySQL is 5.1.41-community

        My Error.log is empty. Is there anyway to force MODX to throw and error so I can verify its functionality.


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          Jason Buck
        • It seems that children are only duplicated if you choose Duplicate Resource from the right-click context menu on the tree. Can you enter a ticket for this issue, assuming you are choosing to Duplicate from the button at the top right available when editing a Resource?