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  • Hi

    I use an uncached Jot call on a cached page in combination with PHx validation.

    [+phx:if=`[!Jot? &action=`count-comments`!]`:is=`0`:then=``:else=`
    	<div class="comments contentblock clearfix">
    		<h2>Comments ([!Jot? &action=`count-comments`!])</h2>
    [!Jot? &css=`0` &action=`comments` &subscribe=`1` &sortby=`createdon:a` &numdir=`0` &notifyAuthor=`1` &moderated=`0` &tplComments=`CommentsTpl`!]
    	<div class="last entercomments contentblock clearfix">
    [!Jot? &css=`0` &action=`form` &subscribe=`1` &sortby=`createdon:a` &numdir=`0` &notifyAuthor=`1` &moderated=`0` &tplComments=`CommentsTpl`!]

    I use the action parameter to put the form below the list of comments. This was mentioned as a solution to have a custom order of the different placeholders in combination with PHx. The standard solution with the placeholders does not work.

    The problem I still have, is that the list of comments is not updated after submitting the form. The user needs to refresh the page to see his post. When I put the jot-call with &action=`comments after the call with &action=`form` then the list is refreshed immediately! So it seems the order of the calls is causing the problem ...

    The problem has nothing to do with PHx. When I disable PHx, the problem is the same.

    Anyone with a solution?

    Many thx