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  • Sorry for the English smiley

    Could somebody please tell what the recommended encoding is for Russian?

    Thanks!!! grin
      Tangent-Warrior smiley
    • win1251 or UTF-8 (depends on what charset the site is already using)

      Most common for Russian sites is win1251 (major hosts use this as their default encoding).
      UTF-8 is like in transitional period - it has advandages but along with that is not fully trusted.

      My advice would be: if u gonna host ur site on a russian host - use win1251, else - use UTF-8. - российская поддержка MODx - экспериментальный проект - персональный сайт
      • thanks!

        Looks like utf-8 would be the best for me since I also have to deal with Japanese.
          Tangent-Warrior smiley