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    Gostaria têm conhecimento de sites modx portugueses a funcionar.
    Se sim, seria possivel deixar cá os links para existir uma listagem?

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      This is very useful file resource for Portuguese language known people. They can easily use this site resource. For another user who can not know that language perfect that can use translation services for use that resource.
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        International Women’s Day
        International Women’s Day stands for "United Nations Women’s Rights and International Peace", in China, also known as "International Women’s Day", "March Day" and "Women’s Day." The earliest pioneers of the women’s movement is Miss He Xiangning. From March 8, 1909, Chicago Women for "gender equality" since the processions and assemblies, has traversed a 100-year history. I i the country, like women and women of the world, all for national independence, liberation, revolution, construction has made great contributions and sacrifices for world peace and human development and progress made tremendous contributions and sacrifices. Emerged out of the tens of thousands of heroine and March Eighth Hong Qishou. Our party and government to maintain and protect the lawful rights and interests of women, development of a more perfect laws and regulations.
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