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    Ed stood rock still until he saw the rise and fall of her chest. discount ugg Then he sat down and fiddled with the handgun and looked around the bedroom. Coke, some pot, but no needles. Rollo had been afraid that it was heroin with her now - her arms were pale and thin, but free of tracks. uggs online Ed sat Eliza up carefully in the crook of his elbow, supporting her head. He ran his finger over the swelling that had already started under her eye. There was also a small cut where his knuckle had connected. He gently woke her with motion. nike shoes ’’Kay. Nuff. Wha?’ nike shoes on sale ’Easy. Stay awake, okay? Gonna feel worse the longer you stay out. Better to wake up now, so stay with me. We need ice. Can you stand?’ ugg short The two made their way into the kitchen,Cheap Chanel Handbags, Eliza shaky on her feet but doing better than Ed had expected. Hammond lay in the same position in which he had landed. Ed put some ice into a sandwich bag. ’You’re going to have to get some things together. You know you have to go home.’ UGG Classic Tall Boots ’Yeah.’ Ed had a look around as he gave her a little privacy. The house belonged to Hammond’s uncle, some Southie big shot named Fran Doyle. Fran’s sister was Chris’ mother,Discount Christian Louboutin, hence Useless Chris gets a fast car,Discount Gucci Handbags, some tattoos, and access to the house while Fran is away in Vegas. nike air force shoes The place was tastefully done for the home of a scumbag from South Boston. There were old, grainy photographs of the Brookline area from the 1800s. The place was mostly blacks and whites, and the green from enormous potted plants. Plenty of big windows used the view well. Must have hired somebody. nike air force Eliza emerged dressed in tight slacks and a black stretch shirt. Over-sized sunglasses almost concealed the shiner that was forming under her eye. She carried a weekend bag. ’That all you’re going to need?’ Nike Air Jordan 12 ’All I got.’ She gave a wincing glance at Hammond, who was beginning to grunt a little. ’Where’s Chang?’ she said as they began to walk through the rooms of the linear house, but Ed did not answer. Eliza sucked in as she saw the giant man’s body. ’Did you shoot him?’ ’No.’ Nike Air Jordan 13 Eliza looked Ed over. They left the house and began to walk up the drive. ’What about my truck?’ Nike Air Jordan 14 ’I’m sure Rollo will buy you another one, or have someone retrieve it for you.’ Nike Air Jordan 12 ’Fuck that. I’ll drive it. I’ll follow you.’ ’Fuck that.’ Nike Air Jordan 13 ’No. Come - come on. I know you,Cheap Jimmy Choo, right? What’s your name?’ ’Ed.’ ’Ed. Right. Dad talks about you all the time. You’re, like, the best at everything, right? Well, let me follow you. Where am I going to go? Chris’s family is going to kill me if I stay in Boston after this shit, okay? I’ll follow you, and that way my car doesn’t get left in front of a house where you killed one guy and beat on another guy.’ ’I don’t know if that man is dead.’ ’He looked pretty fucking dead to me, Ed.’ Nike Air Jordan 14 Ed looked around, and then back at Eliza. She was able to keep eye contact, and he was impressed. ’You know your father.’ ’Yes I do.’ ’He is upset with you as it is.’ ’Yes he is.’ ’He is one more episode away from telling me to hit you, you know that?’ ’You already hit me.’ ’Kill you. Understand?’ ’Yes.’ ’You try to lose me, I will find you and kill you, understand?’ ’Yes I do, Ed.’ ’Do you?’ ’Yes.’ She moved closer to him. Ed’s point was made, but he did not move away. ’It won’t make the slightest difference to me, you know?’ he said, lower now. ’Okay. I’ll do what you want.’ She moved gently back and forth. ’Stay right on me.’ Ed broke away and walked to his car. Ed looked in his mirror every five or six seconds, willing her to stay behind him. They took Beacon Street through Newton and arrived together at the mammoth hotel. Ed noticed his face in the mirror as he got out of his car; three good gashes from Eliza’s fingernails framed his left eye. He donned sunglasses of his own,Discount Herve Leger, swearing quietly to himself. replica Bregue watches Ed had a long talk with Pyres while Eliza showered; at least, what Ed considered a long talk. Ed pushed for someone to drive up and take her off his hands - he had some business to take care of here the rest of the weekend; personal things. He couldn’t be dragging a twenty-year-old girl around with him everywhere. Pyres said he was sorry, but that there was nobody else. November was almost here, there were city elections, this was the busiest time of the year.


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