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  • Hello folks!

    Well, couple years ago I’ve asked at the page of spreading MODX to be an MODX ’ambassor’ that time, the MODX policies of use of logo and stuff was not yet as mature as it is right now.

    As you guys can see, I’m the translator of the Brazilian Portuguese language of MODX Evolution, and MODX Revolution (Just finishing the last details on the Revolution translation.) and I have registered the following domains for representing the MODX community on my country: modxcms.com.br and modx.com.br

    It is written on the page http://modx.com/policy/trademarks/ that we need to ask for permission to use the MODX logo and other related material.

    So I started creating a webpage for the Brazilian community. I wish to use these logos, and other related material to create this website, I really want to help spreading MODX on my country (we need to have it to hire people for our bussiness). And I wanted to use the logo on my company’s website, taghouse.com.br and taghouse.us (will be updated to a new version) becouse we create websites exclusively on MODX, becouse we love it!

    I really have interest on having the permission to moderate the Portuguese Language forums, as the previous moderator is not active anymore on the MODX community.

    I’ve aready translated to Brazilian Portuguese some of the most popular extras, and will submit it to the creators for including on the package aswell.

    I do have interest too on helping with the translation of the documentation (if somehow possible) for giving local developers help to use MODX.

    Thanks for the attention!

    Best regards from Brazil!
    (I’ve sended this in the Contact page of MODX wink, but I decided to post here to show my commitment with the Brazilian Community!)
      Daniel Melo
    • Sorry guys, there will be no MODX Brazilian website right now, but we will take this project back soon!

      Best Regards!
        Daniel Melo