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  • Today, I just create simple tool for translation MODx. I’ve made it from WPF language.
    Everyone can test then tell me what wrong or want any functional.

    Who can use?
    -Translator that want to review official translation file.
    -Who want to make MODx into your language.

    -Just extract MODxTranslator.zipMODxTranslationHelper.zip,you will see one file (MODxTranslator.exeMODxTranslationHelper.exe) and one folder (App_DataData).

    How to use
    -Run MODxTranslator.exe
    -Run MODxTranslationHelper.exe
    -Choose language as your country.
    -Select namespace, core or setup.
    -Select topic.
    -Edit translation into your language.
    -Check finished edit.
    -Save change ever time before change topic.
    -press "Export" to Export folder.

    -.Net Framework. Found at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/confirmation.aspx?familyId=9cfb2d51-5ff4-4491-b0e5-b386f32c0992&displayLang=en

    -This demo version can just edit only default.inc.php.
    -Now can edit all topic.
    -Select your language by IANA code on start program.
    -Show nation flag each country.
    -If there are your language’s official translation it will show as suggest part.
    -Import file that you had translated into program.


    I wait for your suggestion or comment.
    • Now, it can select all file to translate and add choose your IANA language code.
      • No one wonder to tell me how does it work or give some comment?
        • I cant help you right now as I do not need translation help, but
          maybe if you include some (a couple) of screenshots you will get
          more interest...
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          • Thank you for your suggestion, charliez.

            Today, I have released new beta.
            I hope it will be useful.

            You can download it from my attach file at #1 of post.
            • Now I’ve attached a new beta which added import feature.
              If your are translating, help me test the program.
              • Where can I download ?