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    I’m trying to find a good template design for my downloads page using the fileLister addon but I can’t seem to find anything online nor here on the forums. Does anybody have a design they would like to share, please include a screenshot if possible.

    • Not sure if anyone has a nice design ready for this (tho who knows - been surprised before), but it’s quite easy to style it the way you want it using the &fileTpl and &directoryTpl properties, which you pass the name of a chunk to use.

      Could find a design anywhere on the interwebs and integrate that using those chunks smiley
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        What sort of files are you listing and what do call a good template?

        I won’t claim to have a "nice design" but it suits my site. I’ve set up a very simple system, on my site I post a few articles and some of them have downloads specific to that article. So I have a simple listing in a side panel.

        My filelister call is


        Then in the filelister properties I point the fileTpl property to a modified file chunk.

        <div class="fd-file">
        <img src="assets/templates/clanRev/filetypes/[[+extension]].png"> 
        <span class="fdexp-info"> ([[+filesize]] [[+showDownloads:notempty=`, [[+showDownloads]])`]]</span>

        So if I create a new article, lets say it’s given a resource id of 63, then if I create a directory assets/downloads/63 then anything placed in that directory will automatically appear in the download listing for that page.

        for example http://cherryclan.com/scale7/workbench/sprungbuffers.html , see attached image.

        Is that what you were after or are you trying to achieve something different?
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          Thanks for the replies, apcherry thats not exactly what I’m going for that a very interesting implementation of the plugin. I will have to keep that in mind for the future wink

          Something along the lines of the screenshot they use for the fileLister plugin would do just fine I think.