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    Is there a way to configure Revolution to automatically select a template at a given depth...

    For example, if I had the following resources:

    - exhibitions
    - BOB
    - art piece #1
    - art piece #2
    - art piece #2

    corresponding to these templates

    - exhibitions listing page
    - artist page
    - art work
    - art work
    - art work

    would it be possible for a user to create a new "artist" page under the top category "exhibitions" and have it automatically select the "artist page" template AND ALSO be able to create a sub page under that new artist page and have that automatically select the "art work" template.

    back with Evolution there was the InheritSelectedTemplate plugin, but that would only work with the default depth.. unless...

    is it possible to set per-template default values for Template Variables??

    Then you could setup the desired ChildTemplate for a given template via a TV and use a plugin similar to Inherit Selected Template to do the selecting.

    Would that work?
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      There’s some code for Revo here that might help, though I’m not sure it works. wink


      is it possible to set per-template default values for Template Variables??

      No, a TV only has one default value, but you can use @INHERIT with them and have them inherit the value from the folder they’re in.
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