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    I’ve never had this problem, however I’ve only installed two modx CMS systems so far. I installed 1.0.0 on the top directory of my server. Everything was fine, and I also asked to install the sample site, since I’m a newbie. I went to the site page to preview and the template doesn’t show up on the site page. I’ve double-checked permissions, paths, etc. and even installed a different template, but it seems that the ModX doesn’t read the template from the front-end. It does show up in the scroll down menu on the admin side. I also checked the individual documents. What am I doing wrong? I tried to search for this post prior to posting this, but really need help. Any clues?

    Thank you for your time in advance.
    • Welcome to the forums...

      Can you tell us what exactly you’re doing? Are you just trying to set up a new MODx site? When you preview a page, are you seeing anything? What templates do you have in your manager?

      How exactly did you "install" a template?