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  • so i’m using gallery, but when it calls the image, it does so via connector.php, which gives:

    if you view that image you can see artifacts around the birds, the original version that’s uploaded doesn’t have that:

    i’m assuming it’s the php image quality setting, which is referenced here: http://rtfm.modx.com/display/ADDON/Gallery.Gallery, "imageQuality If being used by a plugin, the quality of the image, from 0-100. 90"

    but when i add that to my call it does nothing. my call is:
    [[!Gallery? &album=`nature` &thumbTpl=`JBGalleryThumbTpl` &imageWidth=`1024` &imageHeight=`1024` &thumbQuality=`90` &imageQuality=`100`]]

    but no image quality variable gets sent over to phpthumb, any ideas?
    • i’ve found that if i add "&q=100" to the url i get better quality:

      and it sounds like `phpThumbOf` will let me pass the ’q’ request variable over, but i changed my ’gallery’ chunk to this:
      <div class="[[+cls]]">
          <img class="[[+imgCls]]" src="[[+image:phpthumbof=`q=100`]]" alt="[[+name]]" />

      though i’m not seeing it pass the ’q’ variable over.

      anyone see what i’m doing wrong?