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  • Oh no! After upgrading to MODx Revo 2.0.5 the Galleriffic plugin no longer works :’( Pls help!
    See http://www.ojl.se/index.php?id=2 (clicking a gallery should show the images)

    Edit: What actually happened was that the link to the gallery broke. What previously was <a href="index.php?id=3[[~3? &[[+albumRequestVar]]=`[[+id]]`]]"> in the chunk galAlbumRowTpl I changed to <a href="[[~3? &[[+albumRequestVar]]=`[[+id]]`]]"> and now it’s working again. Sorry for the mix-up. I’m working on another site with Revo 2.0.5 where I’m having trouble getting the Galleriffic plugin to work, so therefore I assumed it was the same problem when I updated this site and the gallery broke there too, but apparently that wasn’t the case.