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  • ok after a site move gallery tv will not diplay or load images, it’s all quite integrated into the site and really liked the way it looked so would like to use this is there any reason why this would stop working ?

    in chrome the error beloww

    2nikkomsgchannel/focus_change?focused=true&name=nikkonill&type=nikkonill&form=nikkonill Failed to load resource
    • Try looking in this folder:


      Is there anything there? If not, copy the contents of that folder from your old install into that folder to see if it’s fixed. Looks to me like Gallery copies your uploaded images there and files them into sub-folders by year and month then uses them to generate thumbnails and so forth. It doesn’t seem to look at the folder you scan for batch upload.

      Just an idea. Let me know if this fixed the problem.
        illegitimati non carborundum
      • Hi thanks for the advice but this doesn’t seem to help - hang on a minute - just tried copying over a couple of images to the top folder the one with the 2010 year folder from the old site, did a cache of site and browser, for some strange reason seems to now work !

        thanks !

        little bit worrying though, as i dont know how i fixed it, im dealing with a nightmare server, stay away from 123-reg.co.uk what should have been a simple switch over has been about 5 long days of pain,

        am just testing now with uploading more files to new galleries and seems to be working ok, done a few more photos and seems to be alright, hopefully will be the last of the errors! until tomorrow morning!

        thanks again,
        • It’s not worrying. Once all of the images are present in the folder names where Gallery is looking all will be well. Your only other alternative would be to re-upload and tag all of your photos which sounds as if it would be a big job. Good luck with the rest. Cheers!
            illegitimati non carborundum