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  • Hi,

    I am using gallery and the Galleriffic plug in and it is working great except there is a   in the code which is causing some cross browser differences in my CSS. Can someone tell me which file and where I need to edit the section of code that is generated in between the code;

    <div class="slideshow" id="gal-gaff-slideshow"></div>

    the actual code is this;

    <span class="image-wrapper current" style="opacity: 1;"><a title="" href="#2" rel="history" class="advance-link"> <img alt="" src="/assets/components/gallery/connector.php?action=web/phpthumb&w=738&h=554&zc=0&far=&src=%2Fassets%2Fcomponents%2Fgallery%2Ffiles%2F2010%2F11%2Fp1010144.jpg"></a></span>

    The stray &nbsp; is in between the closing > of the opening <a> tag and the beginning of the <img> tag.

    I was actually trying to find a way I could call my own chunk to generate this code, but I found that equally as hard to work out.

    Any help would be great.


    • OK so after hunting all over the place I found that the &nbsp; was generated by the Galleriffic JS.

      If anyone else is ever having this problem then go to the file assets/components/gallery/packages/galleriffic20/js/jquery.galleriffic.js then on about line 630 you will see the line of code.

      .append('<span class="image-wrapper current"><a class="advance-link" rel="history" href="#'+this.data[nextIndex].hash+'" title="'+imageData.title+'"> </a></span>')

      .append('<span class="image-wrapper current"><a class="advance-link" rel="history" href="#'+this.data[nextIndex].hash+'" title="'+imageData.title+'"></a></span>')

      And you should be fine.

      Hope this helps someone else in the future.

      • Thanks - this was irritating me too!
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