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  • i am also struggling with this was have been trying to do the following solution i think i’m almost there....

    within the dynamic gallery component create a new gallery called ’gallery1’ - upload some pics.

    create a resource called Main gallery

    within that page create another resource....

    give that resource/gallery the title ’gallery1’ - Add a Gallery template Variable called ’Gallery Logo Thumb’ and select a thumbnail from the gallery you have created in the gallery component.

    - now within the Main Gallery(ID-25) - the one above ’gallery one’ - use the following get resource call:


    Also create a new chunk with the following code,

    <p>[[+tv.Gallery Logo Thumb]]</p>

    This will place the thumnail from the sub galleries on the gallery page,

    now i just need to call the gallery album with the same name...

    <p>[[+tv.Gallery Logo Thumb]]<a href="[[!Gallery? &album=`[[+pagetitle]]`]]"</a></p>

    but the above doesnt work and loads everything, just need to say on click of the gallery thumb load the corresponding gallery....
    • ok getting somewhere now.....could do with a little help though....

      on the template for my subgallery page i place the following gallery call:

      [[!Gallery? &album=`[[*pagetitle]]`]]

      This brings up my thumbnail for my gallery of the same page name...

      now in my galthumb chunk i just need to open the corresponding page..

      <a href="[~[[*id]]]" [[+tv.Gallery Logo Thumb]]</a> ... doesnt work, not far off though...
      • solved it...

        to the the thumbgal template,

        <a href="[[~[[+id]]]]" >[[+tv.Gallery Logo Thumb]]</a>