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  • Hi, maybe I could split this thread in 2, I don’t know. Anyway:

    1. How can I set the compression of jpg images in Gallery? Currently, they are too much compressed. Since I already compress them before uploading to the server, the gallery/phpthumb re-compression should be set to max quality. This is currently a major problem for me. Is there a way to solve?

    2. I saw that I can modify images from the TV, also altering the compression by using the q phpthumb param. But I can’t figure out how to really use it. I mean, ok, I’ve done it to one image, but:

    - Still I’ve got my slideshow gallery in home that output the unmodified images (and with too much compression)
    - Ok, and then, how can I modify the rest of my images in the home album? Or is the TV an only-1-image modifier?

    Excuse me, I’m sure that probably I’m missing something. Though, I read ALL the docs but still can’t understand these things.

    Thank you