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  • Hi!

    I use this setup in 2.0.2 in a chunk. It works in principle. But most times some thumbnails are missing. I read that there are caching problems with phpthumb. Could this be related? Also, the gallery pages are quite slow, so a timeout in phpthumb could also possible. What can I do about it? Is there another gallery-module for Revo, that works?

    [[Gallery? &toPlaceholder=`gallery` &album=`Katalog-01` &thumbWidth=`70` &thumbHeight=`70` &imageWidth=`520` &imageHeight=`520` &useCss=`false`]]
    <div class="image">
      <img class="[[+galitem.imgCls]]" src="[[+galitem.image]]" alt="[[+galitem.name]]" /><br />
      <div  class="caption">
        <strong>[[+galitem.name]]</strong><br />

    (and insert the thumbnails with [tt][[+gallery]][/tt] in a TV on the side of the page.)

    Thanks for any help!