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  • Hi again,

    another question concerning Gallery:

    Is it possible to get gallery to create thumbnails/resize images as "proper files" instead of just doing it on-the-fly with phpThumb?
    I liked MaxiGallery and it’s features to create 2 (or actually 3) differently sized images when adding items to a gallery.

    I think that it might become a load problem once there is more traffic on a website and phpthumb is used to resize very large images on-the-fly, what do you think?


    • Oh, I just realized there is a phpThumb cache folder: So does phpThumb actually create files for any images it processes?


      • Yes, phpThumb does caching. maxiGallery does it the hard way by storing multiple sizes of each image (and its developer has mentioned in the forums that a rewrite using phpThumb would be superior). Ideally you’d upload the max size required for each image and then resize them as needed using phpThumb. All resized images are stored and retrieved from the cache once created.
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