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  • I am encountering strange behaviour while uploading images to an album.

    The message "An error occurred while trying to upload the item." is thrown in the client environment.
    It occurs regardless of the file-extension/filename/album or browserclient andis described in the revolution error.log as:

    (ERROR @ /herbsound/assets/components/gallery/connector.php) [Gallery] An error occurred while trying to upload the file: C:\Program Files\wamp\tmp\php77.tmp to C:/ProgramFiles/wamp/www/project/assets/components/gallery/files/2010/09/test.jpg<br />[2010-09-08 20:22:22]

    The puzzling part about it is that when I perform a batch upload with the same image from the same folder everything works as expected. My best guess is to connect it with the missing space ([..] to C:/ProgramFiles/etc [..]) that is visible in the revolution error.log. This could of course be overcome (hacked) by reinstalling WAMP to a different localpath, but I am trying to figure out the reasons behind the appearance of the faulty path (so that it can be fixed in a feature version - plus i’m too stubborn/lazy to reinstall wink).

    I’m running Revolution 2.0.0-pl-rev7212 (Traditionally distributed) with Gallery 1.0.1-rc2 (additional extra’s: codemirror, getpage, getresources, if, tinymce, and wayfinder) on Windows XP, WAMP Server with PHP 5.3 (pdo_mysql installed) and MySQL 5.1.36. The problem does not show up in any of the other (apache/php/mysql) logs. My revolution error.log however is filled with these kinds of (probably unrelated?) error messages:

    (ERROR @ C:\Program Files\wamp\www\project\core\xpdo\xpdo.class.php : 1668) PHP warning: json_encode() [<a href=’function.json-encode’>function.json-encode</a>]: recursion detected<br />[2010-09-08 18:55:21] 

    Any thoughts or suggestions on this subject?
    • I am having similar troubles....I set the permissions to full on to the folders in Gallery, all to no avail. Any better luck?