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  • I see that I can create child albums insite an album,
    Now I like to make a list of albums that ar in an album:

    hollyday (1)


    so someting like: [[!GalleryAlbums?parenId=`1`]] will give all the albums whos parent is hollyday.

    is this posible at all?
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    • [[!GalleryAlbums?parent=`123`]]

      However, this only grabs 1 level down. (It’s not recursive.)
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      • This is good, except for some reason the $showAll variable is set as "True" default :S which made us look it over for a couple of minutes before we got what was wrong.
        It just gave us all the albums which is weird :S And btw, in the manual "showAll" and "parent" are not even mentioned.
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