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  • Hi,

    I have another question and this one I might not be able to solve on my own.

    How can I protect the directory gallery stores the pictures in from being accessed directly without crashing gallery?

    I read about several possibilieties with .htaccess files which will only let fopen() work but this doesnt seem to work with gallery and phpthumb.
    Phpthumb seems to have a high security mode in its unmodified version but I dont know how to get that into gallery and MODx.
    I read about methods to secure the directory itself and make symbolic links in an accessible directory but I dont know where to put that in the gallery code.

    I would favourise a solution where the path of the files would be stored in the database and gallery would open the file from secured directories itself by not showing the real path to the file.

    Could this be possible?

    Thanks for any help...