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  • I am super new to Revolution and am struggling getting used to how different it is when compared to Evo. I am pretty comfortable with jQuery galleries and using MaxiGallery...

    I used the Package Management system to download and install Gallery.

    I guess the docs are here: http://svn.modxcms.com/docs/display/ADDON/Gallery which states:
    Gallery is a dynamic Gallery Extra for MODx Revolution. It allows you to quickly and easily put up galleries of images, sort them, tag them, and display them in a myriad of ways in the front-end of your site.

    But a first look seems like this is not so simple?

    Jumping in I created a new resource and added the basic snippet call (as shown in the first Usage example) and nothing happens? OK...

    It would be great if some basic background/steps on how this works is presented.

    * Does Gallery work via the front end or the Manager?
    * Where do the photos and album folders go?
    * How you get images into a gallery?
    * Does it generate thumbnails automatically?
    * Is there some kind of front end or AJAx uploading system to add photos?
    * How do you begin with a basic test gallery?

    The documentation page has a lot of links and settings info. What I think would be great for new users is a "Here are the six basic steps to begin creating a photo gallery."

    Is there a basic call that gets this to work? For example adding the most basic MaxiGallery snippet call on an Evo page activates the system and you begin adding pics at once.

    Any chance there is a video that illustrates this Gallery system?

    • OK, some progress here...

      By clicking through the site tree (on the left) sections, namely the Files tab I can see that there is a "gallery" folder inside a "components" folder which resides in the familiar "assets" folder.

      I also found a new Gallery tab under the top level "components" tab. Low and behold there is a Create Album button available there. I then created a new album. Clicking on this album icon does nothing but right clicking and then choosing Update Album brings up a upload system. Not intuitive but it works.

      Is this the way to create albums and upload images? Why does the documentation not say so? I spent some time discovering this.

      Prior to doing all this I used the Package Manager to upload the sample site files, namely the modxss folder of goodies. This includes a blog system and other useful sample files but its all very ugly: that black and green design structure from yesteryear.

      The Gallery system seems to work with this template but overall I think I need to try a fresh install and use my own CSS within a template that I build. I think the presentation of the thumbnails and the full size image could use use some custom tweaking. I see there is a CSS folder within the gallery folder. That is promising. One of the things I notice is that the full size images are hot and clicking on them will present the same size full open image in a blank window?

      Be interesting to see if I can’t mix some jQuery features into this Gallery system. Or it might be just easier to take one of the better jQuery "box" scripts and add photos with an FTP client to my gallery pages. Not a client solution but it might be easier in the end.

      With some of my Evo based MaxiGallery pages I have added non MaxiGallery jQuery scripts to the mix. Its a nice combination.

      I am beginning to see some interesting features with Revolution. But the gallery presentation offerings might need time.

      As usual the mechanics of these MODX systems are incredible. What is frustrating is overcoming the developer-geek focus to the documentation and instructions.
      • Did you play with Galleriffic at all? http://svn.modxcms.com/docs/display/ADDON/Gallery.Plugins.Galleriffic

        The Gallery snippet is hot out of the oven and I’m sure it will be a lot smoother later on.

        For that matter, the public release of Revo was only a week ago and the documentation is going to take a while to fill in. The only people who could write it have been busting their buns getting Revo finished. wink
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        • This morning my gallery page is showing nothing? This is odd...

          I looked at the Galleriffic page and I have no idea how to implement it. The only instructions I see is under the Usage section that says:
          Simply add this parameter to the Gallery snippet:
          [[!Gallery? &plugin=`galleriffic`]]

          Where and how do you do this? Is this supposed to go into the snippet call on a gallery page or does this get added to one of the of the three Gallery snippet code blocks within the Snippets folder itself? I see you need jQuery loaded on a page as well?

          But before I play with Galleriffic I need to figure how to get back to where my two test gallery images were actually showing up on the page.

          I would love to see live samples of working Gallery pages with some insight as to how such samples were implemented.

          That Gallerific page borders on the obtuse. It would be great if there was a section that delivers the following:

          * See this snippet
          * This is why its cool
          * See what you can do with it.
          * You want this on your site? Then follow these steps...