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  • Hi all,

    I feel especially stupid today, but I have no success with gallery and galleryItem... I need help before going crazy...

    What I’m trying to do :
    Display in FrontEnd thumbnails images from Gallery album, when click on one of the thumbnails display the image full-sized.

    What I’ve done :

    1/ Install Gallery 0.1.1 pl via Package management -> Successfully install
    2/ Creation of an album called "album1" via Batch upload -> Upload is fine, I can see the thumbnails in backend.

    First question about this step :
    If I refer to the screenshot provided in the Extras, if (in backend) I click on a thumbnail I should see the full size image. Is this right ?... In my case I don’t see it.

    3/ Call the snippet Gallery in my resource like this (as explained in the doc)
    [[!Gallery? &album=`album1`]] 

    This code display the thumbnails in front end...

    Question about this step
    When I click (in front-end) on a thumbnail it should open a new window with the image displayed full-size, is this right ?
    In my case click on a thumbnail have no effect except reload the page...

    4/ Now I try with a call of GalleryItem just to test with a predifined image
    [[!GalleryItem? &id=`11` ]] 

    This code doesn’t return anything...

    Questions about GalleryItem snippet
    a) I looked at the snippet GalleryItem, it appears that it has no properties... (i.e. when I click on the properties tab, the tab is empty -no data to display- ) . Is this normal ?
    I tried to reinstall, uninstall, remove and download and install again, same result, no properties...

    b) Is it possible to use GalleryItem to display full size (or with a specified size) the thumbnail a front end user clicked on ? If yes how to do this?

    I really need your help with this snippet... Thanks in advance...

    Revo RC3#rev7048 running on

    Linux Debian Lenny
    Apache 2.2.11
    PHP 5.3.2-0 dotdeb.2
    MySQL 5.1.45
    MySQL Cient API : mysqlnd 5.0.7-dev - 091210 - $Revision: 294543 $

    • Dont have time for a full response, but here’s my code for the Resource I display my galleries in. It uses the auto-linking ability of Gallery to handle the thumbs:

      [[!Gallery? &toPlaceholder=`gallery`]]
      [[!GalleryAlbums? &toPlaceholder=`galleries`]]
      <div style="float: right">
      <div class="image">
        <a href="[[+galitem.image]]"><img class="[[+galitem.imgCls]]" src="[[+galitem.image]]" alt="[[+galitem.name]]" /></a>
        <br />Albums: [[+galitem.albums]]
        <br />Tags: [[+galitem.tags]]
      <hr />
      <h1><a href="[[~[[*id]]]]">[[+gallery.name]]</a></h1>
        shaun mccormick | bigcommerce mgr of software engineering, former modx co-architect | github | splittingred.com
      • Thanks a lot for your help...
        I’ll try it as it is...
        Quote from: splittingred at Jun 28, 2010, 02:07 PM

        Dont have time for a full response,
        I understand that... Maybe it would be a good idea (when you’ll have a bit of time) to put this kind of example (eventually with some explanations) in the official doc... I’m sure it would be helpful for most of us...
        Thanks again
        • @splittingred - Thank you! I think I can use this for now in substitute for Galleriffic since that’s still not working for me.

          @anso - Gallery version 0.1.2 is now available, so you might want to upgrade. Also, to see the full size image in the backend, click on the thumb first to display its details to the right, then click on the thumb to the right where the details are.
          • @k4satin : thanks I have it working fine now, just the way I want it with a bit of personalisation of the example and a bit of css...

            (BTW I work with the SVN version, and update all packages and versions as soon as they are available... so I use the last version of Gallery... wink )

            • Just to stick my nose in here...

              I have the same issues as ANSO.

              If I have the same setup as ANSO’s first post using a call like this on my page:
              [[!Gallery? &album=`album1`]] 
              I get the thumbnails to show. Clicking on the thumbnails does nothing though.

              If I use the code that Shane posted I then get nothing, not even the thumbnails?

              Not sure where to go from here? As yet I have no luck getting the Revo Gallery system to work...