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  • I’ve got:
    Revo RC2
    Gallery 0.1.1 rc1
    PHP 5.2.10

    I created a gallery (under Components->Gallery) then uploaded a couple pics. I’m not seeing the thumbs. Is there a phpthumb requirement I’m missing? (I’m not even trying to use the snippet or anything yet)
      Mark Macatee
      Power 10 Solutions
    • Hi there, sorry I can’t help with your problem but I’m getting something similar.
      My thumbnails are showing up as purple squares with a red message reading "phpThumb() Forbidden parameter"

      Any ideas?

      I think phpThumb is installed with the gallery component. Have a look in ’assets\components’.
      Also the gallery admin seems to run a little weird in Google Chrome, seems better in FF.

      Revo RC2
      Gallery 0.1.1 pl
      Running locally on XAMPP 2.5.8

      • ok, I found my problem. I’m running my site on port 81 and phpThumb assumes you’re on port 80. I’m going to look for any sort of configuration options, but the code I had to fix was in file:

        /assets/components/phpthumb/phpthumb.functions.php (line 635, function URLreadFsock)

        Not sure what the best way of going about setting a custom port, but that’s why mine is failing.
          Mark Macatee
          Power 10 Solutions

        • Glad you got it sorted. Were you running this locally?

          I think my problem was because XAMPP doesn’t include imagemagick. I’ve moved my site to a server and reconfigured everything and it all seems to working fine now.