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  • Hi!

    Is it possible to have MaxiGallery working with Imagemagick in stead of GDLib?

    Using MG with GDLib I had to face some problems during the upload procedure. Pictures with dimensions like 3872 x 2592 Pixel couldn’t been uploaded because of exhausted memory. Even if the files were only 300 kB. If a file was only 2500 x 1667 Pixel, the upload worked fine although the file had a size of about 2 MB.

    How can I change MG to work with Imagemagick? Is it possible?

    Thx for your helpful answers!

    • Hallo Smartsoul, I encountered problems with the GDlib too. On our Server we have Imagemagick and not the GDlib. MaxiGallery ends up with an error. What a pity. Do you have a solution for this problem? Your question was long ago.
      I am very new to MODx and this is my first project.