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    I’m finally getting around to trying out Maxigallery and was wondering if anyone can tell me how I can get it to handle TIF images?

    I’ve Googled the relevant terms and cannot find any discussion of this, so I hope I’m not missing something obvious. The snippet is installed and working with JPEG thumbnails. But the full size versions of the images are in TIFF format. And there are about 800 of these things I need to work with. I could fire up Irfanview and do a batch conversion, but would rather avoid that if the solution is relatively simple.

    Has anyone dealt with this yet? Thanks in advance,
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      You would need to rewrite the thumbnail class used by maxigallery to also support tiff images. It’s not very simple, so I would suggest to go with the batch convert with irfanview.

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        I know there is a tiff assistance which support to process mutipage tiff files.I think that would make your work easier.You can have a try. [ed. note: marrisa last edited this post 10 years, 7 months ago.]