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    Unfortunately doing this is simply beyond my programming knowledge but I wanted to at least start a thread to get thoughts from others on this notion. I know some people are pretty anti-Flash but Aviary Phoenix is a great tool (mini Flash-based Photoshop if you will) and they have an API that can be utilized (http://www.aviary.com/tools/image-editor). I saw that concrete5 is using picnik but that’s quite messy for the client. I’m mainly starting this thread to see what other people’s thoughts are regarding basic inline image editing for MODx (Evo and/or Revo). Or if this is even part of the road map?

    (Moderators, please set me straight if this post belongs in another forum)

    Thanks, all!
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      I think they have done some html5 image editor as well.

      BTW thanks for initiating the discussion, lets see what people think about it.
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      • Hi, I see it's an old post, anyway I noticed that Mailchimp uses Aviary to modify images, ant it's really nice also for end-users!

        I think that the new version is not built with Flash, so could it be somehow integrated into MODx revo?
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