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    I installed SMForum fine but can’t seem to configure,
    here’s my settings...

    CMS base url: http://.mysite.net/MODx/

    Forum base path: http://.mysite.net/MODx/assets/modules/smforum/

    I get this Error
    Unable to load SMF settings. Please make sure that the SMF Path ’’ was entered correctly

    Anyone have any ideas please??
    • That’s a URL, not a path. It probably wants a path, like /home/domain/www/MODx/assets/modules/smforum.
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        thanks for the response.
        I tried changing the Forum base path t0: /Users/myname/Desktop/Downloads/SMF_module 4/upload these files/assets/modules/smforum

        but no joy?

        Since I have already uploaded the install files via ftp I don’t understand why I would have to again point the configure to a Path on my computer?

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          you need the path on your server.
          You did everything with ftp everything is running you now need the path of the forum on the server. For example /opt/lampp/htdocs/modx/smf or something like that.

          It makes no sense to point to your computer, no one has smf on his computer and if someone does he does not have the same Username or the same configuration like you, so it can’t work.