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    Evening all,

    I am love the modX world and learning new things every day, today I however have come to road block. Please excuse if this quite a newby question by I am bit stumped here! I am developing a site that needs to get data from another site where the account information is stored; the options available are by using by using HTTP POST or GET or by XML. A simple form needs to be completed on the modX site that returns data from the 3rd party.
    I have played around with feedX but I think I am well out of my depth with that option, I have started to look in to the form post or get option and have a form that when clicked links me straight to the third party site displaying the results. This is obviously not the desired effect as I need the results displayed client side within modx. I don’t favour any option, just one that completes the task; I would however like to get the XML route working for personal learning. I am sure it will come in great use.... shocked

    I am sure that there is any easy way to do this, I would be grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction.

    Kind Regards

    • Hi

      I just did something similar using SOAP and XML. Would that be helpful for you?