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    Im using revo rc2, and was thinking of designing a very generic Digital Assets Manager for picts, vids, docs, audio -- or perhaps any type of file -- as a 3PC for revo. The DAM would be more for modx users create, edit, control their assets and include them in their modx resources(backend), than for say (frontend) gallery display.

    One of the requirements I would like in a DAM working with Revolution would be a very flexible workflow that could handle online editing of photos by up to 3/4 different users on one photo -- basically because I have one client who does that.

    So I was wondering if a workflow component allowing complex paths, is something anyone else is interested in for use within modx itself? Or is setting up ’publisher’, ’editor’, ’author’ roles via ACL in revo enough for your workflow needs in modx?

    thoughts? ideas? needs?

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      There were actually a couple of discussions at MODxpo about the need for workflow management in Revo.
      • Yea, if you want have a look at the videos and see if that helps some: www.amdbuilder.net/articles/modxpo

        I think it was discussed during the panel topics.
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