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  • Yeah I agree thats insanity. The fact that Open Geek even says it’s OK with him and Chris still refuses is crazy. I have pondered using their program for non GPL sites but they are so strict in their liscensing that it scares me. Wish Helios had some competition because nobody offers the event planning software with their features without charging per event charges. That sounds like a gold mine. Like I told Chris since it’s helios or MODx I will take MODx every time! No offense to the engineers but sometimes it’s best to let the engineers design and a sales manager do the rest. wink

    That guy is holding back his business for licensing jargon that he doesn’t even understand (He even stated that to me).
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    • You could always peek at the helios code, and use it as a basis your own modx version of a calendar, if you have any php skills in ya. NOT that Im advocating code theft in any way--- but isn’t that how Bill Gates got the ideas for windows? From an Apple prototype software he had in his hands for two years prior to the release of windows? (of course there was much gnashing of teeth, and hiring of lawyers to settle the issue.)

      "Microsoft had been provided early prototypes of the Macintosh and some source code to help optimize Word and MultiPlan. Now Windows had a menu bar almost identical to Apple’s......"

      FROM: http://lowendmac.com/orchard/06/apple-vs-microsoft.html

      You can always DIY a modx calendar. Skill, time, and inclination not optional, of course.
      • I’m not at all familiar with this Helios calendar, but have you been following MXCalendar? It’s developing quite an impressive list of features, with a strong roadmap.

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