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    I’ve seen Ganesh getting phpbb to register a user with modx which was awesome but the password was wrong, it was passing the actual hashed key to the password field in modx.
    That must have been the first alpha/beta version or whatever. The local version works fine.

    I would say that some of the things that have came out of this community that have all been free is a sign that large and difficult projects have been completed without the need for cash
    Well, that’s just not fair. I know quite well that lots of great things have been accomplished without a commercial compensation in mind. When I said motivation was lacking, I didn’t mean cash had anything to do with it. But you can’t force people to contribute code. I also told you over IM that a native modx forum would make more sense in the long run, instead of glueing two totally separate systems together. Fact is, in all those years I’ve been building websites I have never come across a situation where this feature would have been crucial. Building something that I would never actually get to use in real-life myself is just... not very motivating.
    • Very true about a native forum and I would prefer that... reading what I put is unfair and I didn’t mean it that way so apologies for that. Did you manage to get phpbb password to pass to modx so the usernames and password matched up?
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        I actually like the idea of integrating both system rather than native modx forum. a native modx forum will be reinventing the wheel IMHO. if you take the best CMS out there and the best forums out there and make them one then you have a winner.

        my coding knowledge==0 so I can’t help there, but I would too contribute some $ to the task if that what we need to get something like that rolling. I don’t refer to ganeshXL lack of motivation as you said it aint about the money, and like he said I agree you can’t force/demand someone to code something that YOU want.

        maybe something like a mutual development of such integration with donation box where the $$ goes into modx further development can get both coders gurus to help and php n00b’s who willing to donate $ for the effort will work.
        • The concept of "federated identity management" (translation, seamlessly using user systems across projects) is an area that’s not handled very well in most php applications. This is a key area that Revo will make much easier on the MODx side at least. So sinbad, this is why a native forum may make sense. (Again, most other apps aren’t built with this in mind.)

          Granted, the moderation, karma, tracking and other forum-bling bits may take a while to get solved, but for basic needs, or intranet applications, a native forum does in fact make a lot of sense, since it would use the native MODx user system.
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          • I personally would be pretty happy if I could have a place that users of my modx site that have signed up can have somewhere to post questions and replies under given topics. A simple list of say 10 categories with create topic, add post, edit own post links would be all I’m generally looking for users. Admin users perhaps a front end set of links that could edit current posts (any), create new categories. Permissions would be based on the modx user groups. A full blown forum would be great but I would like to keep them separate but use the same username and password from one registration form (preferably weblonginPE). As long as there was a basic structure then extras can be created down the line but an area where members can create discussion would be awesome. Jot is nice but there’s no option to allow web user editing. Vanilla looks nice over at one of the European MODx sites, something light weight like that would make Xmas more enjoyable for me... It would mean me messing around setting up my site with it lol.
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