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    i dont get what im missing. i try to find the solution here in the forum but i didnt.
    i installed the SMF Connector.
    1. uploaded to server
    2. went to www.mysite.com/install/index.php
    3. completed the "SMF Connector installation program"
    4. then i go to "modules" > "Manage Modules" > "SMF Connector" > "Configuration"
    5/ i try to manage there the 2 fields "CMS base url" and "Forum base path" (im sure its this 2 field that make the problem)
    6. click "run module" and get the popup that say "unable to load SMF setting. please make sure that the SMF path was entered correctly"

    BTW i have plesk and i try to put different paths in "Forum base path".
    about the field "CMS base url" im not sure where exactly should i point.

    i’m total confused...... huh
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      "CMS base url" = the website default url. IE http://mysiste.com/ or if you installed your cms in a sub folder it would be http://mysite.com/sub_folder/.
      "Forum base path" = the website forum directory. IE http://mysite.com/forum/. Note it where your extracted the forum. It would be http://mysite.com/sub_folder/smf/ .
      I hopes this helps.
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        that doesn’t run for me like that.

        Get the path here Manager -> Rapports -> Afficher infos système -> phpInfo() et afficher -> "Local Value"de "include_path"

        CMS -> "include_path"
        Forum -> "include_path"/forum