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    Hey there!

    I have a small question regarding integration of Invision PowerBoard 2. Is it possible to rewrite or create a new login snippet so it logs into MODx as a web user, and also logs into Invision PowerBoard?

    And one more thing...
    What’s the lock-function for in MODx Content Manager?
    (administration -> remove locks)

    Thanks for a great product and a nice community! ;
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      You might ask the folks over at Etomite.org how they handle integrating IPB as that’s what they use for their forums. Anything that works there will take but little work to work with MODx.

      As for the locks...

      If you hit it you should get the following message:

      Users sometimes close their browser while editing documents, templates, snippets or parsers, possibly leaving the item they were editing in locked state. By pressing OK you can remove ALL locks currently in place.

      So basically, a lock is put on a document (or other resource) when someone is editing it to prevent it from being overwritten accidentally. Sometimes things go awry tho- so you can manually kill the locks.
        Standard Disclaimer
        I could be totally wrong.
      • You can actually use the OnWebLogin and OnBeforeWebLogin events to assign plugins these tasks to perform. Depending on Invisions API’s and accessiblity from other code, it should be possible to author a complete bi-directional authentication system that keeps the users in sync in the separate DB’s, or you could simply use one system as the master for authentication and membership and have the MODx plugin authenticate the user. We’ll have good examples of this to present very soon.

        The remove locks function is used to remove any inadvertant locks left on elements managers may start editing in MODx and for some reason or another, the process is interupted (no Cancel or Save action taken), leaving a permanent lock on the resource by the last user to touch it. The remove locks gives you a convenient way to clear all the current locks on resources held by manager users.

        (Beat me to it Jared wink )
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          Ah, just terrific!!
          Thanks for the quick answer smiley