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  • Quote from: davidm at Nov 19, 2005, 12:07 AM

    Know this thread is a bit old, but will it finally be SMF or not ?

    Vanilla is nice, simple board with a different approach, could be nice.

    But why not consider PunBB which fast, resilient and feature rich... Or UNB, for that matter ? Both are GPL.
    David, there is no reason we can’t have modules to integrate with all these forums, it’s just a matter of building a good community of module developers around MODx. I think we’ll start to see a lot of modules pop up as more developers start understanding the coding requirements for doing this, and as we improve the core architecture in this area to make it more intuitive to do so.

    As for specific forum modules, we have the bulk of an SMF forum module built, but it has not been fully tested. And I personally would like to build a PunBB bridge as I am running this on my site (though the forums are currently not up, that damn time factor again), but just haven’t had the time to spit the code out. Perhaps I can do some shuffling of priorities with the team and get at least the completed SMF module out into the community as soon as possible.
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      Thanks Jason, I just wanted an update, since french users are asking questions about this.

      Didn’t mean to push, I know attracting modules and plugins developppers is of the essence right now smiley I also know the dev team has its hands full, and is working full steam ! The pace of development of MODx is quite impressive, I should add...

      It’s nice to know the SMF forum module is built, if you need testers to debug well uh, the testers team won’t mind taking some time trying this, I guess wink
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