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  • thanks - and again thank you to everyone for your patience this has been a very drawn out process do to other work, hope it's been worth the wait.

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      I'm having a few issues with mxCalendar:
      * Once I've saved a repeating event, I can't seem to change the 'last occurrance' date
      * On the event detail page, the start and end dates for repeating events display the original start and end date of the event, not the current one of the repeating event
      * A repeating event I have created is doing some weird stuff - it appears on the correct 1st day, but it also appears twice in that day, and thereafter it appears on the wrong day of the week (tuesday instead of a monday) ?

      I'm scared to dig in because I think it might get messy! Anyone had any experience with these issues?

      I'm using revo 2.2.2 with mxCalendars version 1.1.2
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        Quote from: christianhanvey at Jun 18, 2012, 05:25 AM
        I'm having a few issues with mxCalendar...

        These issues were resolved by updating to version 1.1.3