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  • I was using pub_date before to have the events listed on my calendar. I’m changing this to use two TV’s, but now nothing seems to be showing on my calendar.

    Here’s my snippet call: [!CALx? &idMultiEvent=`33` &getFolder=`19` &dayStart=`6` &inactDay=`5` &useTV=`true` &dateStartTVName=`dateStart` &dateEndTVName=`dateEnd` &getTypeProcess=`createCal` &showOtherMonth=`both`!]

    The TV’s are available to the template, and I’m not getting any errors when the calendar is created. It’s just blank. The current day is highlighted, but the event day is not. When I switch &useTV back to false, the days are highlighted again.

    Seems I’m missing something simple here.

    UPDATE: I just got a chance to work on this at home a bit more on a sandbox site that I have running for testing ModX sites, tpls, snippets, etc. With the TV’s it’s working perfectly with the same call as above, but the &getFolder is changed obviously.

    The only difference I can tell so far is that in the sandbox I’m running 1.0 and on the new site I have 1.0.2. Has anyone run into this problem?
    • Hi,

      I’m the french developper of CALx, sorry for my silence.

      May be the snippet 1.0.2 have a problem.

      Do you have always this problem ?