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  • Hi,

    Great component.

    I still have the same problem of Sylvaticus though, and the suggestions by skipjack66 did not work embarrassed. I need to go directly to the events page when I click on the event date on the calendar, instead of it displaying at the bottom.

    Anybody found a turn around?
      Steven James McLean
      Tech Lead
    • Hi, everybody,

      I can´t reproduce the solution I suggestet either and I do not know anymore what made me posting the stuff. So, you better do not delete anything! Sorry for that...

      Meanwhile I finished the calendar I was working on and it works fine. I get the Event results in the place I want them (the middle column of my page) by placing the listDetailsContainer in the proper <div>:

      <div id="main">
              <div class="leftcol">
                  <div id="ee_listDetailsContainer">
              <div class="rightcol">
                 <div id="ee_miniCalendarContainer">
                   [[EasyEvents_ListMini? &nodes=`157`]]

      You can see the result here on the temporary project site: http://www.marcus-buchwald.de/kunden/bad-karlshafen/index.php?id=154. If this link doesn´t work anymore, the project is finished most likely; try this link then: http://www.bad-karlshafen.de (Click "Kur & Tourismus" and then "Veranstaltungen")
      • Anyone who tried and made a iCal from EasyEvents?
        I tried this approach :

        and another (a variation of "google sitemap from ditto")

        Both get me wrong dates. Anyone interested in this?