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  • Not being a programmer I wouldn’t understand what might be involved, but has anyone ever managed to integrate Affilitstore into any of their MODX sites? http://www.affilistore.com

    Failing that, how difficult would it be to write a module for ModX that can read CSV and XML affiliate product feeds and somehow read them with Ditto or equivalent snippet? I’d love to build an decent affiliate based site with ModX because it will enable me to make a SEO friendly site with real content on it, whereas many of the other solutions do not allow easy control over templating and design.
    • I’m not familiar with AffiliStore, but there are several snippets already that will import XML or CSV files, and generate HTML. Search the repository.

      If you’re familiar with PHP5’s XML functions, it’s fairly easy to write your own scripts/snippets and generate any layout you want, e.g. via chunks and placeholders. These days, some companies even generate additional, alternative response formats than just XML. e.g. Flickr offers a native PHP response format: http://www.flickr.com/services/api/response.php.html - which basically means you get PHP result arrays as response.
      • I’m afraid I know nothing about how to program PHP. Can you point me in the direction of any existing snippets that will import CSV files? I have looked in the repository but I cannot find any.

        Some of the CSV files I need to use are zipped because they are very big when uncompressed. Plus I don’t want to convert the CSV to HTML directly. I need to retrieve/extract selected, searchable information from the CSV file and then output that to HTML.