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  • Hi all,

    I’m new to newsletters in MODx and somewhat confused about which tool to use. poMMo looks promising and I managed to install it on a site. I don’t mind so much that the poMMo administrative area requires a separate login from the MODx manager (although it would be great to have it as a module in the manager), but I do want the subscribe/unsubscribe/edit subscriber information process integrated in the site as seamlessly as possible.

    There are currently some issues I cannot seem to solve:

    • When submitting the poMMo subscription form with some fields empty or not validating, it redirects to a separate error page. I’ve read that that page can be themed, but I rather want the subscription form to stay inside my MODx template, along with an error message. Can this be done somehow using eForm instead of the default poMMo form? If yes, how to tie eForm with poMMo? What about checking for duplicate email entries in the DB?

    • Can I set up the subscription form somehow (maybe with radio buttons) so it can be used to unsubscribe, too?

    • I’d like to add a checkbox to the site’s contact form so that it too can be used to subscribe to the mailing list. How could this be done?

    • Is it possible for users to update their information using a form that is integrated in the site layout - or can they only do that after logging into the poMMo admin area?

    • Can one create a MODx document (with a specific "newsletter template") that will be used by poMMo when sending out a HTML newsletter to subscribers? (It seems that documents/templates can only be created within the poMMo admin area...)

    Can someone please shed some light on some of this? I do appreciate any help!

    P.S. Easy Newsletter, KoopsMailinglistX, TXNewsletters, maillistx, poMMo, ... - has anyone done a comparison? Which one suits which needs? Do they all work with MODx
    • You definitely want to check this post (and the one right behind it) and ask ZAP for input as he has done some integrating between poMMo and MODx : http://modxcms.com/forums/index.php/topic,7883.msg108017.html#msg108017

      As for comparison, TX Newsletter is my favorite because it’s so easy to create newsletter dynamically from MODx content, the only problem is the regex validation for email is faulty sad
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